Savings and reducing energy consumption

led1Today everybody is talking about reducing costs, protecting the environment and about advantages of LED lights. If you want to know what it really means to reduce costs and to protect the environment, read on. Our example shows a company with 35 employees. We have calculated the savings and the energy consumption before and after the modernization of lighting. The results are more than obvious.

A Slovenian company (with 35 employees and premises of 3,000 m2)

el1Energy consumption € / year:

The comparison of costs before and after the modernization shows us the savings made by new lighting. The savings amount to €14,659 annually due to lower consumption only.

Savings in maintenance largely depend on lifetime of light sources and lights with accompanying electronics.


el2Consumption kWh / year: 

In this case, the company will reduce consumption for 149,582 kWh. Energy consumption is definitely a big expense for every company, which can be substantially reduced.

Saving energy and having lower costs are certainly the goals of every company and household. LED lighting is definitely the future of our homes, companies and cities.


el3Protecting the environment

Every reduction in electricity consumption:
- reduces the negative effect on the environment,
- indirectly reduces CO2 emissions.

Data for Slovenia show that for every consumed kWh of electricity there is 0.55 kg of CO2 emissions. With reduced electricity consumption a company can annually reduce CO2 emissions for 82,270 kg.